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The Franklin Law Firm, LLP is proud to announce the launch of our new website that focuses specifically on DWI Accident cases. Our goal is to become a powerful and influential resource  for the families living in Dallas and the surrounding area that have been affected by DWI accidents.  These accidents are 100% preventable – by holding drunk drivers accountable not only do we help the injured victims and their families, but we make our community safer.

Please take a few moments to explore the new site. Read about the Accountability, Respect, and Strategy that drives us and makes us who we are. See images of Our Courtroom and learn how staging mock juries prepares the families we help and sets us apart. Receive valuable knowledge, factsSupport & Resources, and Latest News under the DWI Information tab.

We are confident that our new site will be an important resource for Our Community. Check back often for more upcoming blogs about DWI topics or click here to contact us.

What Is BAC?

The Franklin Law Firm, LLP is dedicated to educating our community and increasing safety through knowledge. We recently read an article on MADD explaining what a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) device is, and we appreciate the clear, down-to-earth way that they explain it.

They offer answers to questions like “should you rely on these types of devices to determine whether you are sober enough to drive home?” and caution that “impairment begins with the first drink, so it’s always dangerous to try to stay ‘one sip under the limit.'”

Click here to read the full article on MADD.