Wrongdoers hate us because we make sure they’re held accountable for their actions. We’re proud of that.

When someone chooses to violate safety rules and harms someone else as a result, they are responsible for the harm. It’s that simple. Whether it’s an unsafe driver, an irresponsible company, or the manufacturer of a dangerous product, we will not rest until they are held responsible for their actions – not for part of it – for all of it.

We believe that every personal injury case we decide to accept is an important case. Not only is it important to our clients, but it’s also important to our community. When wrongdoers are held accountable, our community is made safer. With this in mind, we focus our efforts and resources on the cases that we think we can help the most – helping our clients to heal and move on with their lives while helping our community become safer.

Representing People. Period.

Our clients are good people who have suffered devastating loss – either through serious personal injury or death of a loved one. Knowing that they have chosen us to serve as their voice during their time of need is the highest honor and a responsibility that The Franklin Law Firm, LLP takes very seriously.

Why does having our own trial courtroom make us unique?

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