Oppose HB 19- #TruckingDanger Petition For Our Safety

Friends, family, and clients: There are some bills pending right now in the Texas House (HB 19) and the Texas Senate (SB 17) that attempt to shield dangerous trucking companies from ever having any direct accountability for a crash that maims or kills someone in all by the most extreme circumstances.  In other words, the […]

Self-Love – Don’t forget to be your own Valentine

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash What is “self-love”?  The term itself sounds a bit touchy-feely in ways, doesn’t it? And perhaps narcissistic.  I thought the definition of love had to do with caring for someone or something more than yourself?  So isn’t “self-love” an oxymoron? But I am reminded of one of my favorite […]

Wellness Practices To Keep Our Minds + Bodies Sharp in 2021

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash Aligning your health and wellness is more than dieting or physical movement. It is symbiotic with everything else we have in our lives, which includes taking time for our mind to rest and flex as we learn a new skill or enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are some […]

4 tips to help boost our immune systems this winter

Photo by Brandon Wilson on Unsplash With cold weather coming, and given the surge of COVID-19 this winter, it’s more important than ever to keep our immune systems healthy.  Of course, there is no “magic pill” that’s been proven to boost our immunity because the immune system is exactly that – a system.   It’s […]

Thankful Practices For You To Implement This Holiday Season

Lately, I’ve been working on starting my days more intentionally and I’ve noticed that it’s made a big difference in my productivity and happiness.  Here’s what I’ve been doing: I start my day with 10 minutes of yoga / stretching exercises to “wake up.”  I have a yoga playlist that starts my day in a […]

Top 3 Ways to Protect the Vote!

In our economy now, it is important that all of our voices are heard. The most important way to ensure this is to vote in the upcoming election. Here are some ways to ensure you’re ready to vote, make yourself heard, and make a true impact on our society’s future.   1. PREPARE Yourself to […]

Resources For Unemployment Help Through COVID

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash With the uncertainty of the past few months and the months ahead, we know that times are hard in every industry. We want to be of the most assistance to help you and your family pull through while being financially supported. Here are some resources we compiled to aid […]

Listening + Learning to Help Build a Better Society

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash In these hard, yet impactful times, we want to be an ally. But we believe being an ally is different than simply striving not to be racist. Here are Jason Franklin’s thoughts on what we can do to try to be an ally during this time: Listen more and […]

Tips on hospitalization and advance directives

These tips can help prepare you and your family in the event you become seriously ill or injured and are hospitalized.  Being prepared is such a gift to your loved ones in the event something happens to you. 1. Prepare Advance Medical Directives Advance directives are legal forms that let you have a say about […]

One Life Radio Interview Feature on Accident Prevention & Mindfulness

Quarantine DIY Haircare, Accident Prevention & Mindfulness Safety and Accident Prevention during COVID-19 We were honored to join the One Life Radio team to talk about safety and accident prevention. As a certified personal injury law attorney, Jason believes the best way to manage self-quarantine and also avoid accidents is to be present at all […]