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Why Choose a Board Certified Attorney?

Mark of Excellence Board Certification is a mark of excellence and a distinguishing accomplishment. Within the Texas legal community, Board Certification means an attorney has substantial, relevant experience in a select field of law as well as demonstrated, and tested, special competence in that area of law. A Distinguished Few There are more than 70,000 […]

Could Texas’ high court curb trade-secret sharing in safety lawsuits?

By SUE AMBROSE Staff Writer The Dallas Morning News Published: 18 April 2015 General Motors CEO Mary Barra swore under oath to Congress that her embattled company would change and focus on the safety of its customers. “Today’s GM,” she said, “will do the right thing.” The promise, made a little more than a year […]

Civil jury trials rare in Texas

Civil jury trials plummet in Texas

Civil jury trials are becoming rare in Texas. The right to have disputes decided by a panel of fellow citizens is cited in the Declaration of Independence and explicitly confirmed in the constitutions of Texas and the United States. But new statistics show that the right to “trial by jury” is quietly and steadily disappearing […]

Insurance Claims

Texas insurance lobbyists have a plan you won’t like

Dave Lieber Watchdog Dallas Morning News Published:  09 April 2015 The Watchdog wants you to know that the insurance industry is trying to slide something slick through the Texas Legislature toward Gov. Greg Abbott’s signing pen that’s designed to pay you smaller insurance claims. How? By making it much harder for people with all kinds […]

Dangers of distracted driving with text messaging

New VTTI study results continue to highlight the dangers of distracted driving

Recently released results from a new Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) naturalistic driving study continue to show that distracted driving is a tangible threat. The study, entitled The Impact of Hand-Held and Hands-Free Cell Phone Use on Driving Performance and Safety Critical Event Risk, shows that engaging in visual-manual subtasks (such as reaching for a […]

Driving Drink Impairment

Explore Our New Site

The Franklin Law Firm, LLP is proud to announce the launch of our new website that focuses specifically on DWI Accident cases. Our goal is to become a powerful and influential resource  for the families living in Dallas and the surrounding area that have been affected by DWI accidents.  These accidents are 100% preventable – by holding drunk drivers […]

Driving Drink Impairment

What Is BAC?

The Franklin Law Firm, LLP is dedicated to educating our community and increasing safety through knowledge. We recently read an article on MADD explaining what a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) device is, and we appreciate the clear, down-to-earth way that they explain it. They offer answers to questions like “should you rely on these types […]