One Life Radio Interview Feature on Accident Prevention & Mindfulness

Quarantine DIY Haircare, Accident Prevention & Mindfulness

Safety and Accident Prevention during COVID-19

We were honored to join the One Life Radio team to talk about safety and accident prevention. As a certified personal injury law attorney, Jason believes the best way to manage self-quarantine and also avoid accidents is to be present at all times. We all get distracted, but the key is to be both mentally and physically mindful of your surroundings and what you are doing.

If you do get in an accident, don’t be afraid to call 911 or go to the hospital. They have taken the precautions necessary to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 among hospital patients and workers. And, if you think you may have COVID-19, Franklin says not to wait until you’re really short of breath to go to the hospital. If you do go, take your cell phone and charger in case you have to stay overnight. Also, have a list of friends and relatives so you can notify them of your room number and contact information all at once. This will save valuable time for the hospital staff so they can care for patients.

Tune in to One Life Radio for more insightful wellness professional’s mindful practices across all industries.

Resources To Help Calm + Guide You Through COVID-19

It has always been our priority to be helpful in our community by providing guidance to a healthier, happier life. During this time of uncertainty, we want to help by sharing resources we have found to heal, relax, and strengthen our bodies and minds. We hope these key points and sources help to nourish you through this period. 


Easy Immunity-Boosting Foods to Make At-Home: 

Smoothies: Combinations for immune-boosting smoothies are endless. The trick is to include well-known immune-boosting foods such as blueberries, oranges, raspberries, honey, turmeric and coconut oil (just to name a few). 

Soup: Packed full of vitamins and minerals from delicious ingredients like turmeric, kale and bok choy in a mushroom broth for a healthy vegetarian soup recipe. 

Salad: Leafy greens, crispy cabbage, green apples and the bursts of pomegranate seeds. Boosting the immune system doesn’t have to come from just-drinks juices, smoothies, and soups!


-Meditation Resources- 






Stop, Think & Breathe

Simple Habit



Unique things to do at home/with your kids: 

Virtual art class at Oil & Cotton– 

virtual classes to stimulate families

Ways to help keep the local business alive 

-Free Yale Class: Science of Well Being


-Dallas Fitness Studios Virtual Classes: 


Lync Cycling– CORE at home video pack! Get 8 workouts for $48. They also go live for $5 classes, links posted to @lynccycling on Instagram!

GRIT Fitness– $49/ month for Unlimited Virtual Workouts!

Session Pilates– SESSION @ HOME! Videos will be live on their blog.  Workouts for each body part! Can also find links to instructor playlists. Offered at NO COST!

Beyond Studios Dallas– BEYONDatHome available for members and non-members for 2 weeks at a price of $35.

Class Studios- Workout with Class Studio at home for $39/week!

The Ride House– Offering workouts via IG Live!

Black Swan Yoga– Free Flows throughout the day! Donations encouraged.

Orangetheory Fitness– 30 minute daily workouts online!

YogaSix White Rock– Y6 Go on their Facebook page!

Strong Fitness Dallas– Can rent equipment and follow along at home!

Super Yoga Palace– Live at 11 am and 6 pm every day for FREE

EVOLVE– Members can send an email to to get equipment and to get signed up for workout programming!

CorePower Yoga– CorePower On Demand! Access to online classes with new classes available weekly.

NAMA Fitness– Meditation, stretch & relax, sculpt & strengthen classes offered on their Facebook page!

Body Machine Fitness– Live through IG Stories with at-home workouts!

Caulfield’s Dance Fitness– Dance Cardio and Sculpt classes on YouTube!

Shine Hot Pilates– Uploading workouts to Vimeo! Donations accepted.

F45 Dallas Main St.– Going live on Instagram with workouts!

Fit Social Club– Going live! Started off with 2x/Day with the same workout.

Neon Cycle + Strength– Online classes for $25/week! E-mail

SculptHouse– Going live starting tomorrow, 03/19! 25 mins of strength + 25 minutes of cardio that can be done on the treadmill or outside.


-Beginner yoga Resources: 

Yoga Anytime


Yoga with Adrienne


Guidance for Persons Being Monitored for 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)