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10 signs you might have a concussion

10 Signs You Might Have A Concussion

The Franklin Law Firm  |  car wreck

Diagnosing a concussion goes beyond simply knowing how hard you hit your head. There are a number of mental changes that you’ll experience and that should be assessed by a professional in order to determine the extent of the trauma. 1. You think something doesn’t feel right. You may feel that you just seem a bit out […]

3 Common Car Accident Injury Claim Defenses

3 Common Car Accident Injury Claim Defenses and How We Defeat Them

The Franklin Law Firm  |  Blog

Learn about 3 common defenses used by insurance companies to devalue or kill car accident injury claims and how we defeat them. Insurance companies and the lawyers who work for them have one goal – to pay as little as possible on a claim. That’s it. It’s not about “fairness” or paying you reasonable value […]

3 Common Questions About Personal Injury

3 Common Questions About Personal Injury

The Franklin Law Firm  |  Blog

There are a lot of misconceptions about Personal Injury law – in this post, find out the answers to 3 common questions about Personal Injury law. If you’re like most people, you’re not going to take the time to research personal injury law until it actually affects you. So if you’re reading this it’s likely […]

5 Dirty Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Devalue Your Claim

5 Dirty Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Devalue Your Claim

The Franklin Law Firm  |  Blog

If you’ve been injured, insurance companies are NOT interested in treating you fairly. Here are some tricks they may try to use to devalue or kill your injury claim. From the moment you contact the insurance company to report an injury claim they are beginning to build a case against you to minimize your claim. […]

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