How to Prove You Were Injured in the Car Accident and Not by Something Else

How to Prove You Were Injured in the Car Accident and Not by Something Else

The Insurance Company and its Lawyers will make you prove that it was the car wreck that caused your injuries – Find out in this post the steps you need to take to make sure you can prove it

Get checked out by a Doctor

It’s very common after a motor vehicle accident, even one that seems relatively minor, for you to have some soreness for a few days after the accident.  But if after a few days your pain is not going away, seems to be getting worse, or if you have new symptoms, such as numbness or tingling radiating into your arms, hands, legs or feet, or if any of these feel weak, you need to get checked out by a doctor who is familiar with the types of injuries commonly caused by auto collisions. And when you see a doctor, be sure to let them know about all of your symptoms.  Not only is it important to your health, but the sooner you’re seen after the accident by a medical care provider the better, so they document your injuries and complaints and the fact that they first appeared after the wreck.  The longer you wait, the more likely the insurance company is to argue that you could have injured yourself doing something else between the date of the accident and when you finally went to see a doctor.

Keep a Journal

If you have any visible injuries, swelling or bruising, its important that you take some pictures of them.  It’s also important that you write down the symptoms you’re experiencing and how they affect you.  For example, if after a whiplash injury you’re having numbness or tingling in your arms or hands, is it both hands or only one?  If only one-sided, is it the right or the left?  Or does it switch back and forth?  Are there specific fingers that are going numb or is it your whole hand? How often is it happening and how long does it last?  Does it happen after you do a specific activity or does it just come and go out of nowhere?  Keeping a journal of your specific symptoms will help your doctors to diagnose your auto accident injury.  Also write down how your injuries are affecting you.  Are you dropping things?  If so, what and how often?  If certain activities cause you pain, write down what they are and be as detailed as possible. Where does it hurt and what does it feel like – burning, aching, stabbing, throbbing? Again, all of this information will not only help your doctors but will also help prove that it was the car wreck that caused you injuries.

Follow Up with All Recommended Medical Treatment

If your doctor recommends physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, imaging studies (like an MRI), or other diagnostic tests, you need to follow your doctor’s orders.  Being injured is that last thing any of us needs – especially when it’s by someone who wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing and hurts us.  We have work and family commitments that need our attention and taking the time to follow up with treatment can be a real inconvenience. But you’re not going to be useful to anyone if you don’t get the treatment you need to get better.  And the insurance company lawyers will look for any gaps in your treatment or a failure to follow up with medical care as reasons to deny that you were really injured.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

I know.  Having a lawyer tell you that you need to hire a personal injury lawyer may sound like a barber telling you that you need a haircut.  But if you have real injuries from an auto accident, you’re going to need real legal help to get fair compensation for your injuries – preferably from an attorney who is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law.  Here’s how an expert injury lawyer can help you:

  • Gathering important evidence about the crash itself, including police accident reports, traffic light sequence data, evidence from the vehicles, and obtaining recorded statements from any witnesses;
  • Gathering your past medical records so we can prove what your medical condition was before the accident and contrast it to what it’s been like after;
  • Has medical knowledge to be able to monitor the treatment you’re receiving to make sure you’re getting quality medical care for your injuries; and
  • Has the legal experience needed to develop, prove and present your case in a highly effective way to get you Real Value for your Real Injuries.

JJason Franklin is founder of the law offices of The Franklin Law Firmason Franklin is founder of The Franklin Law Firm, a Dallas Personal Injury law firm that specializes in providing Real Help for Real Injuries to North Texas accident victims injured in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accidents, or other personal injury cases.  Because of his years of experience and record of success, Jason Franklin is frequently invited to speak to lawyer groups about Texas personal injury law.  Franklin has been repeatedly recognized by Super Lawyers as being one of the best personal injury trial lawyers in the State of Texas.