Oppose HB 19- #TruckingDanger Petition For Our Safety

Friends, family, and clients:

There are some bills pending right now in the Texas House (HB 19) and the Texas Senate (SB 17) that attempt to shield dangerous trucking companies from ever having any direct accountability for a crash that maims or kills someone in all by the most extreme circumstances.  In other words, the fact that the company hires unqualified drivers does not train them, does not supervise them, does not perform proper maintenance on their trucks, etc. would rarely if ever get into evidence.  Believe me, if this passes more people will die on Texas roadways.

#TruckingDanger Petition

Texas Watch is trying to reach 5,000 signatures on their #TruckingDanger petition opposing HB 19 & SB 17 by the end of the week. Please sign the petition and share it on your own social media pages.

Here is the petition: https://www.texaswatch.org/TruckingDanger

Also, if you or a loved one have been injured in a crash involving a commercial vehicle, please consider posting written testimony to the committee.

The next 7-10 days on HB 19 will be crucial, and we need to get as many voices heard in the Capitol as possible.  If you could please take a few minutes to provide the committee members with written testimony and sign & share Texas Watch’s #TruckingDanger petition, we can make a sizable impact.

Written Testimony 

The portal for written testimony on HB 19 is still open. Anyone in Texas–you, your family members, your friends –can submit written testimony. This dangerous bill presents a safety threat that will be bad for all Texans. Please share this information with your firm, family members, and clients.

  1. Click on this link: https://comments.house.texas.gov/home?c=c330
  1. Check the “affirmation and acknowledgment” button at the top of the form
  1. Complete your contact information
  1. Enter “SELF” in the “Organization / Representing” field
  1. Click the “Select” button next to Committee Substitute to HB 19 (at the very bottom of the page)
  1. Fill in your comments in the text box (3000 character limit). In the first sentence of what you write, make sure you say, “I am OPPOSED to HB 19 because it will make our roads even more dangerous”
  1. Click “Submit”

Here are some videos from Texas Watch on this pressing safety issue:

Oppose HB 19

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The Rosenberg Family’s Story

Jason Franklin

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