Our Courtroom

The Franklin Law Firm, LLP is one of only a handful of law firms in the whole country to have its own state-of-the-art Mock Courtroom and jury deliberation room.

Jury research is a powerful tool. We observe and record focus groups and mock juries that comment on and “decide” your case before we bring it to trial. By testing the themes and evidence of each case in front of people very similar to the ones who will be jurors in your case, we discover valuable insights about the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of your case. These insights are used to make wise decisions about settlement value, trial strategy and witness preparation.

In addition to conducting focus groups and mock juries for our own cases, we are often called upon by other attorneys throughout the state of Texas to conduct focus groups on their behalf. This brings us insight into how other top-notch attorneys are developing their cases and gives us creative ideas and new strategies for how to best present your case.

Why does having our own trial courtroom make us unique?

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