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Jason Franklin, Personal Injury Attorney In Dallas, was recently voted Attorney of the Month by one of the largest Law Firm Publications around. Read on to find out more about who Jason Franklin is, what he believes, and why he is the best Back Injury Attorney for your case!

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When a person in Texas has an injury to their back, they could have significant changes in their life. The back is supported by the backbone and it is made up of vertebrae. Should someone experience a strong jolting force during a vehicle accident, accident on the job, or an accident caused by faulty equipment, they could experience the pain of a pinched nerve, herniated disk, fractured back, injured spine and more.

Most people aren't experienced in dealing with insurance companies. They will need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. These legal professionals are able to gather the facts of a case and determine fair compensation. Personal injury attorneys know how to handle insurance companies and get their clients everything the law says they're entitled to receive.

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Back Pain From Accidents

When someone is in an accident, they should carefully document their pain and medical treatment. It is possible to feel pain and stiffness immediately after an accident. It's also possible a person won't experience any pain until the adrenaline in their body begins to diminish. This is when most individuals experience pain from their hips up to their neck. They may struggle to stand or sit properly and experience chronic aches or muscle spasms and more. It's also possible a person could have tingling or numbness in their extremities. Pain could be experienced starting in the back and travel down one or both legs. Some people even experience pain lying in bed.

Tests By Physicians

When back pain symptoms occur, a physician will often try various tests. This will enable them to determine the location and cause of the pain. An X-ray can be used to locate fractures. An MRI or CT scan can reveal if a person has had any soft tissue damage. Should a physician suspect a person has experienced nerve damage in their back, an EMG could be performed.

Insurance Claims

Should a person hurt their back because of a vehicle accident or on the job accident and more, an insurance company adjuster will contact them with a settlement offer. It is the job of the insurance adjuster to settle a claim for the lowest amount possible. They are experienced at using anything from a statement given by an accident victim to past medical issues and more as reasons to reduce a settlement amount. Personal injury attorneys can help back injury victims negotiate with insurance companies.

Injury Compensation

Should someone have an injury to their back, they could be entitled to different types of compensation.

  • Medical Treatment. This compensation should cover a person's past, current and future medical needs for injuries caused by an accident.
  • Pain And Suffering. An accident victim could be entitled to compensation for their back pain and discomfort experienced during the accident and following it. This could also cover continuing pain.
  • Income. An accident victim could receive compensation because their back injury harmed their ability to earn an income. It could cover money lost as well as money that could have been earned in the future and more.
  • Loss Of Consortium. This is compensation for the negative impact a back injury causes between an accident victim and the relationship with their partner. It could be a physical loss as well as the ability to provide companionship and more.
  • Emotional Distress. This is compensation for the psychological impact a back injury has on an accident victim's life. It could involve sleep loss, fear, anxiety and more.


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