Spring Wellness Practices + Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Photo by Aniket Bhattacharya on Unsplash

April is associated with springtime, new beginnings, and a time to bloom. That’s not a coincidence either. April comes from the Latin verb “Aperire” which means “to open.” Like the flowers and trees, it’s a time to start fresh and shed those cool-weather layers.

The Spring season is also a great time for a fresh new wellness routine and self-care check-in system.

We love spring as we see it as a time to renew, regenerate and reinvigorate. Let’s take a cue from nature this spring and reassess our wellness goals and schedule a little self-care time.

Here’s our Spring “Mental Cleaning” Check List: 

-Detox Your Diet. Spring is the ideal time to lighten up your diet. More fruit and vegetables, many locally-grown, become available this time of year.

-Make the Mind-Body Connection. Get outside in nature or find a quiet place to tune in to your thoughts and body to channel a quiet, peaceful state of mind. Only a few minutes of silence does wonders.

Air Out Your Workout. Warmer weather means you can easily take your fitness routine outdoors! Swap a few days at the gym for a run, walk, or bike ride outside.


As we focus on the beautiful new Spring weather, we also need to appreciate the Earth that provides the colorful flowers, clean air, and all of nature’s beauty this Earth Day, April 22nd!

Here are our Top Tips on How to Celebrate our Earth this Earth Day:

  1. Be car-free. Walk or bike to school — not only is it good for the body, but it’s also good for the environment too!
  2. Create recycling bins. Cut out pictures of plastic bottles, paper, and aluminum cans and glue them to the bins. Practice sorting together!
  3. Make positive promises. Fill a journal with resolutions for how your family can help the earth. Decorate it with photographs, poems, and pictures.
  4. Grow something. Plant a seed, sprout, flower, or tree in a pot, garden, or backyard. Find more gardening activities here.
  5. Spread the love. Make and decorate Earth Day cards using recycled materials. Include an Earth Day celebration tip, and send them to friends and family.