Wellness Practices To Keep Our Minds + Bodies Sharp in 2021

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Aligning your health and wellness is more than dieting or physical movement. It is symbiotic with everything else we have in our lives, which includes taking time for our mind to rest and flex as we learn a new skill or enjoy the beauty of nature.

Here are some new daily habits we are actively working to implement in our lives in the new year.

Meditate + Yoga:

We use Alo moves for yoga & meditation -yoga centric meditation app

-We also recommend the Calm and Headspace apps for more meditation-centric practices

Staying Active with Fitness Apps to Use at Home: 

Wake up with routine using a combination of apps FIT! with Calethenic movements so you can do the exercises anywhere, anytime, whether at home, outside, traveling, etc.

-Project Calisthenics

-Client Fit

-Desk Mobility

-Subscription-based apps to stay consistent and build a routine

Cooking At Home: 

Since going out to eat has changed in the last year, we’re looking to creating our favorite dishes at home more. We’ve always been fans of Mexican food, so we’re making more enchiladas and rice and beans at home! Next on our to-make list is more Italian-style dishes!

Our go-to source as been allrecipes.com

Getting Out in Nature: 

Even before the pandemic, we take any chance we can get to get outside and move! This year, we have plans to Kiteboard in North Carolina in the Outer banks. It’s such a beautiful and exhilarating experience!

We also make sure to take regular trips to Colorado to ski in the winter season. It’s not too far of a drive and a great excuse to enjoy the colder temperatures and actually see some snow, unlike we get in Texas!