Beware the “Swoop and Settle” Tactic!

Oftentimes after an accident the person thinks they’re okay – just some soreness they figure is “no big deal” and will go away. “Swoop and Settle” is a sneaky tactic by some unscrupulous insurance companies who will call you early in the process and get you to verbally agree to settle your case over the phone. This is a vulnerable and confusing time for you, and some insurance companies will try to leverage that confusion to their advantage and offer you a couple hundred dollars. To many, the quick cash may sound appealing!

Currently though, verbal agreements are binding! The company may try to use this window of confusion as means to settle your case quickly and for far less than you may deserve. It saves the company time and money, but at the detriment of your wellbeing.

But what happens when the soreness doesn’t go away? What happens when it actually gets worse over time? If you fall for this tactic, then unfortunately there’s nothing you can do. This tactic especially affects those who are not fluent in English, and might be manipulated into agreement.

If you are ever in an accident, be sure to speak with a medical professional and a qualified lawyer about the incident and any possible injuries before you agree to any settlement with your insurance company! This is currently the only way to prevent falling for the “Swoop and Settle” tactic.

Thankfully, Texas Representative Julie Johnson has filed a bill with the Texas House that will end this practice – requiring the insurance company to get your signature to release your legal claims. To insure this bill’s success, we ask that you please take just a minute to sign the petition below! Thank you!

Please Sign the Petition Now (this takes less than 1 minute)!

For more information, here’s a quick video about this bill!

Photo by Michael Jin on Unsplash