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Important Information To Know If You Are In An Auto Accident

Should I Hire A Car Accident Attorney?

car crash in dallas tx

It happens to the best of us. Regardless of our observance of the speed limit or sobriety, we find ourselves in a vehicular bind. We may or may not be the reason behind the collision; but, regardless, the collision occurred. What are you liable for and what can you do to avoid being held responsible for something that you did not do? If this has happened to your or a loved one in the Dallas Metroplex area, It is time to hire a Dallas, TX Car Accident Lawyer!

In 2016, there were over 29,433 documented incidents of injuries due to car accidents in Dallas. Dallas is the leading city in Texas for car-related accidents and has the highest number of incidents based on road rage. Coupled with the fact that Dallas roads are often convoluted and difficult to maneuver, it is easy to see why car accidents are, unfortunately, common around DFW.

When Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer Is The Only Option

Certain types of injuries and accidents almost always require a Car Accident Attorney. In cases like this, retaining a Personal Injury Lawyer that specializes in Car Accident injuries is worth much more than any fees you may pay the attorney to represent you in the case. In these types of cases, only a strong Car Accident Law Firm can secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. The good news is that you have absolutely nothing to lose by consulting with Licensed Personal Injury Attorneys in Dallas! You will find that the bulk of reputable Dallas Personal Injury Law Firms offer a Free Initial Consultation to answer any questions you may have and help you with deciding what the next step in the process should be.

What To Do After a Car Accident

car crash in dallas tx

When you report your auto damage claim to your car insurance company, there are 4 important steps you must follow. Following these steps will help you preserve the value of your claim.

First, take photos of your property damage, especially if the damage is extensive or fault for the collision is in dispute. Once the car is sold/ repaired, you have lost the chance to document the damage.

Second, contact your own insurance company as soon as possible to report the collision and to find out exactly what types of coverages you have in effect under your policy. Your company probably has a 1-800 number to report claims. If not, call your agent. The agent or company will explain your types of coverages and the claims process, including how to schedule an adjuster and get repair estimates.

Third, contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company. After you call your own insurance company, call the other driver’s insurance company to initiate your claim. After the insurance adjuster has enough information to “open” your property damage claim, you should ask a few questions so that you can follow up on the claim in writing.

Here are some questions you should ask the other driver’s insurance company:

  • What is the name of the adjuster who will handle the claim?
  • What is the claim number?
  • Where should you send your follow-up letter to them (preferably fax and e-mail both)?

Always limit your conversation with the adjuster to property damage issues only. Often, due to the “shock” and adrenaline of being involved in a collision, it takes time before your body begins to let you know how it’s truly feeling – sometimes this can take days. So, when the adjuster asks if you were injured you want to avoid saying anything like “I’m okay” or “I wasn’t hurt” when the truth is you don’t know whether you’re injured. Instead, I would suggest saying something like “I don’t know, I haven’t been seen by a doctor yet” and just leave it at that. If pressed just repeat it and emphasize that this call is just to make a property damage claim.

Finally, send a follow-up letter to the other driver’s insurance company. You want to follow up with the at-fault driver’s insurance company in writing as soon as possible (preferably the same day). This helps protect your rights under Texas’ prompt payment of claims laws.

Your letter should include:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The insurance adjuster’s name
  • The claim number
  • The at-fault driver’s name
  • The policy number
  • In the body of the letter:
    • Provide the date, time and place of the collision
    • Information about your vehicle (make, model and year)
    • A brief description of the damage to your vehicle
    • Request that the insurance company promptly conduct its investigation

Once the claim is reported, there is often a waiting period for the insurance company to set up your claim and assign an adjuster. This process may take 2-3 days from the date you first contact the insurance company. Once an adjuster is assigned the insurance company starts its investigation. The adjuster assigned to your property damage claim will have to complete their investigation of your claim before they accept or deny the claim. Unfortunately, you will have limited control over the amount of time the insurance company takes to make a liability (fault) decision.

After a Car Accident, You Need Quality Medical and Legal Help

Due to the forces involved in auto collisions, unfortunately spine, joint and head injuries are common. But people with real injuries from a car wreck, like ligament damage or herniated discs, often get left out in the cold. Frequently a person’s own doctors won’t even see them if they know it’s related to a car wreck because they don’t want to get involved in a potential lawsuit.

Even when their doctors agree to see them, they will often be vague on whether the injuries were actually caused by the collision, again because they’re afraid to get involved. And, while there are doctors who are more than willing to testify in a lawsuit, are they also providing quality medical care? Finding doctors who provide quality medical care but who are not afraid to admit that your injuries were caused by the car wreck and will testify if needed can be challenging.

To add insult to injury, it can also be a challenge for a person with these types of real injuries to find a quality injury lawyer to represent them. While there are excellent personal injury lawyers out there, they often only take the most serious injury cases, such as paralysis or death. Instead people can find themselves represented by a “high volume” injury law firm - they get sent out to the lawyer’s “doctors” who run them through “treatments” that seem to be designed more to run up bills for an injury claim rather than to provide quality medical care.

As a result, sometimes injuries aren’t correctly diagnosed and treated. And because the law firm has many, many hundreds, if not thousands, of clients at any one time, the person with real injuries gets their case handled with a similar “cookie cutter” approach – one geared toward a quick settlement rather than getting the true value for their injuries. Or the client goes with an attorney who isn’t truly an injury specialist and, while the lawyer may be well-intentioned, has no clue how to coordinate and develop the medical and legal aspects of the case to get the real help the client needs.

And lastly, these types of injuries are often subtle. Diagnostic imaging or other tests can be inconclusive. And these types of injuries can sometimes be a result of just wear and tear with age. In other words, how do we know your injuries were caused by the wreck? Of course, you know it – because it’s your body. You know you weren’t feeling this pain or having these symptoms before the accident and now you are. But how do you prove it? How do you prove it both medically and legally? This is the reason for having both quality medical and legal help is so important.

Why Should I Hire Franklin Law Firm For My Car Accident Injury Case?

1. We Serve The Gap

When dealing with Car Accident Injury Law Firms, there are typically two extremes. One type of law firm takes very few cases per year, but only takes cases they believe will have gigantic payouts. The second type is one that operates on volume and treats you like just another number. This leaves a huge gap in the middle for everyone else. Franklin Law Firm serves those in this gap. The everyday people that need help and cannot find it.

2. We Protect Your Interests

Insurance companies and larger corporations are usually more concerned with settling on the least financial loss to them rather than focusing on your short and long-term needs. Franklin Law Firm is dedicated to advocating on your behalf in these situations. We are on your side to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

3. We Are Personal Injury Experts

When filing Auto Accident Personal Injury claims, there are very strict guidelines and rules. Franklin Law Firm specializes in Auto Accident Personal Injury Law, so we are equipped with the expert knowledge required to operate within these guidelines and rules while turning the tides in your favor. We understand things like complex paperwork filing procedures, statute of limitations, etc. We will make sure that you don’t lose out on what is owed to you because of a loophole or technicality.

4. We View Your Case Long-Term

There are many nuances when dealing with a Car Accident Personal Injury case. You may have additional injuries you are not currently aware of, or problems related to your accident that you may not realize exist yet. Because it is our job to recognize things like this, we are able to help you discover and plan for any unknowns that may affect you long-term.

5. We Establish Proof

Franklin Law Firm understands the burden of establishing proof that an accident was not your fault. Our experience as Car Accident Personal Injury Experts allows us to pursue every possible avenue to prove your case. This is not the time to try and do it yourself. Our business is knowing the law and understanding your rights. We will fight to prove without reasonable doubt the extent of your injuries.

6. We Offer Peace of Mind

After a vehicle accident injury, you have enough to worry about. It is not the time to try and learn the law surrounding your case. You already have enough on your mind with lost wages, pain, employment issues, etc. Let Franklin Law Firm do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on recovery.

Why You Should Act Quickly After a Car Accident

After you’ve been involved in a car wreck, you need to act quickly. There are two main reasons delaying can harm your case.

First, we have to prove who was at fault for the accident. Over time, evidence that helps us prove that someone else was responsible for your accident can change or even disappear. Here are just a few of the ways that evidence can change significantly over time:

Damaged vehicles get repaired or sold for salvage. The vehicles themselves can offer valuable evidence about how the collision occurred, including the angle of impact and the forces involved. If the damaged vehicles are repaired or sold for salvage, the chance to adequately photograph the vehicles or have them inspected by experts may be forever lost – and crucial evidence lost with it. This is especially important in cases with catastrophic injuries or wrongful death where automobile product defects may be involved (such as defective tires, seat belts, or other auto defects).

Witnesses disappear. If witnesses are not contacted quickly to record their statements, the chance of obtaining accurate testimony diminishes greatly. Witnesses disappear, memories fade, and cooperation is more difficult to obtain.

The location of the accident may change. Due to the immense amount of construction of our roadways, the location of the accident may change. It is important to document the scene of the accident. This can range from simply taking photographs of the scene to hiring an accident reconstruction expert to carefully inspect and document the scene, including skid marks and other evidence in the roadway that can quickly disappear.

Documentation may disappear. Cell phone calls, text records, and other documents are sometimes only kept for a limited time. Many collisions are caused by distracted drivers who are text messaging or talking on their cell phone. Telephone companies sometimes only keep cell phone and text records for a limited period of time. If these records are not promptly requested in time, you may never be able to prove that the person was on the phone or texting at the time of the collision.

In addition to proving who was at fault for your car accident, we have to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident.

Sometimes it’s obvious that your injuries were caused by the accident – broken bones, catastrophic spinal cord injuries, or other life-threatening injuries are easy to prove. However, many serious injuries that happen in automobile accidents or falls are more difficult to prove or can go on for a long time without being diagnosed, such as ligament injuries, herniated disks, or mild traumatic brain injuries.

The longer you wait to get medical treatment, the more difficult it becomes to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident and not by something else. That’s why it’s important to seek medical treatment early to make sure that your doctors accurately identify the full extent of your injuries. If too much time passes between the accident and your injuries being completely diagnosed, it opens the door to a defense that “something else may have happened” to cause your injuries other than the accident at issue.

All too often, accident victims either delay treatment or receive inadequate treatment that does not fully diagnose their injuries. They then settle their case cheaply, not realizing that they have a herniated disk in their spine, a torn tendon in their joint, or permanent ligament damage. Several years later, they are living with chronic pain that could require surgery and are left holding the bill – a bill that should have been collected from the person who is responsible for the accident.

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