Wellness Apps We Use for Efficiency

Photo by Neil Soni on Unsplash

These days the last thing we want to do is add more technology to our days! But when a new app for our phone actually helps our wellness journey, we’re willing to give it a try!

These are some of our top favorite apps we’ve incorporated into the weekly routine that has not only helped us with our physical fitness but also our mental wellness.

– Headspace is a tool we use daily, if not multiple times a day, to help us focus, tune in, and relax.
We recommend adding it to your daily routine for a much-needed stress reliever.
Evernote: a great app for staying organized and mindful.
You can drop notes, photos, magazine articles, etc into folders you create. I’ll snap pictures of recipes, restaurants, capture articles I think others may like, etc. it helps me be present while also thinking expansively and about others.
Goalcast for endless inspirational content to help kickstart your next great idea.
MasterClass for learning (keep in mind it is on the pricey side).
Asana Rebel for yoga, recipes, and more!
Find a new app that you’ve been loving? Let us know what you use for your daily wellness check-ins so we can add it to our list!